To explore the very nature of sound is
where all design begins. Whether found or created, sound is pure potential to express. Good sound design can put eternity's song
in a raindrop.

Sample A
The sounds of midnight in the Casbah come
wafting on the breeze while a lone mosquito
warbles Nessun Dorma.

Sample B
1,600 violinists attack Arturo Toscanini with eggs
and a wrench.

Sample C
Listen... can you hear? It's the music of Wagner
chanted in a state of Zen Bliss by Tibetan Monks
in a dumpster.

Sample D

To demonstrate sound design at the hands
of an audio prestidigitator, here is the sound
of Coney Island, circa 1920, created with a single
ping pong ball.

Sample E
Listen carefully to the placement of every sound
in this realistic audio "model" of Napoleon's
large intestine activity.